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Commercial Pool Service in Baton Rouge

LA Pool Group provides the best in class pool service all across the Louisiana region. We provide professional commercial pool service in a diverse area, such as resorts, apartment complexes, hotels, gym, swimming facilities, and so on. It is important to understand that your swimming pool requires proper maintenance for its longevity and a better overall experience. Only professional technicians having a vast experience in this field can ensure a quality pool service for you, and LA Pool Group is blessed with a huge number of knowledgeable professionals.

It is quite frustrating to close your swimming pool due to unsanitary conditions and harmful pH levels. To avoid such an undesirable condition, it is important to maintain your pool in a regular interval of time.

LA Pool Group

We at LA Pool Group are proud to address ourselves as the best commercial pool construction Baton Rouge service provider. We carry out all kinds of professional pool maintenance programs, such as pool cleaning, 10 point water test, pump room duties, pool deck safety, and the long list will go on.

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Pool Installation Service

LA Pool Group carries out installation services for all kinds of pools. We have a separate group of experts who will take care of your pool hardware, and ensure a quality solution. They have a vast experience in installing the pump to remove the dirty pool water, and gas heaters to warm the pool water to extend your swimming season.

Pool Repair Service

The experts at LA Pool Group provide 24 x 7 pool repair service across the region. They can carry out the maintenance and repair work for all the major equipment of the pool.

Do you need a surface repairing work for your pool? Yes, we can do the job for you. Do you need to clean your filter? Yes, we are just a call away. Besides, LA Pool Group also carry out the extensive maintenance work before the reopening of the pool after an extended winter season.

The failure of important instruments and improper water balance are two of the primary reasons for the majority of the pool closures. Any wise person will opt for prevention rather than cure. As a result, it is advisable to take the help of LA Pool Group for a quality pool service and be available for businesses at the peak period.


Though there are a number of pool service agencies available in the market, very few, have the desired experience to win your trust. You simply can't hand over your expensive investment like a swimming pool to an unprofessional having zero to a little practical experience in this complicated field. Luckily, LA Pool Group has multiple teams of professionals having tens of years of experience under their belt. Therefore, they will take care of your hard-earned investment like their own and provide the best possible solution.

Fast Reaction

We at LA Pool Group offer our services 24 x 7 throughout the year. Even if you figure out any problem at midnight, we can fix it before the sunshine, and you can continue your business without any break. Besides, we assure the fast possible solution for your pool without any unnecessary delay.

Cost Efficiency

Whether it is swimming pool construction baton rouge LA Pool Group is known for its best value for money services without compromising on the quality aspect. Our professionals use the best in class equipment and the latest technology to save your hard-earned money. And, to some extent, we compromise on our profit share for a long term professional relationship with our existing customers.

Our Expertise

We are specialized in both the commercial as well as residential pool services. Whether it is a pool for entertainment, professional swimming, exercise, or refreshment, we can do the job for you without any kind of hassle.

LA Pool Group is dedicated to providing quality solutions at a competitive price point. Our 24 x 7 availability, and express fast solution definitely make the difference and help us to stand a step ahead of the competition.

Feel free to call us. Our professionals will be there with quality tools featuring all the latest technology.

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