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Pool Renovation Services Baton Rouge

If your pool is damaged and in need of complete renovation or some changes, you can undoubtedly rely on LA Pool Group as we provide one of the best pool renovation service in Baton Rouge. Some damage or cracks to the liner of the pool might prove hard to spot for untrained eyes. We at LA Pool Group assure you to fix those damages too, with the help of our expert renovators. We can provide a different kind of color tiles and coping combinations with dramatic makeovers to your pool.

But renovations aren't only needed in case of any damage, right? If you think that your swimming pool is still functioning really well, you can always consider renovating it with our pool renovation company in Baton Rouge.

Just by investing in some features, you can genuinely bring your pool into the 21st century. If you're looking forward to your pool renovation in Baton Rouge, then why not upgrade the lightning or fit an automated cover or treat yourself with luxurious tiles around? All these things are possible with us, all you've to do is connect with us, and we'll help you transform your pool space into something which can fit your needs.

Some various features of our service are:
  • Color changing Lightning - By installing these color-changing lightning, you cannot only change the overall look but also make it look like a brand new one.
  • Spillover Spas - These hot tubs are connected directly to your pool, giving it a luxurious and comfortable look.
  • Budget-friendly - Our pool renovation services in Baton Rouge are considered as one of the best not only because of our perfect work but also because of our affordable and budget-friendly services.
  • Interior Finishes - Different variety of tiles, whether it's glazed, textured, or hand-painted, and all these kinds of tiles can surely give your pool a fancier look.
  • Energy-saving equipment - By changing your old pumps with the new ones, you can save up to 75% of your original pumping bill.

Why consider remodeling your pool?

We at LA Pool Group assure our clients to provide not only the best but also one of the safest and innovative pool renovations service in Baton Rouge. Now you can finally say goodbye to your old and unsafe pool and turn into a pool that belongs to the 21st century. But if you're still in confusion whether to renovate your pool or not, here are some reasons which might help you to decide:

Damaged Pool

Some harsh chemicals, weather exposure, and UV-rays can cause severe damage to your pool. No matter if it's a vinyl liner or a concrete pool, any crack or wrinkle can require more than just a simple cleanup. Another pervasive problem in pools is leaking. These problems need to be corrected right away as all these concerns are necessary repairs.

Pool of 21st century

If you're taking a swim in your pool but feeling like it's more a hassle, then surely your pool is outdated. Old pumps and filters are not working well either, and they're also costing you quite a high amount of energy? You can consider updating your pool with our services, which can change the looks or appearance of your backyard pool and update it with energy-saving equipment. These minor changes won't take much enough but will surely benefit you for a long time.

Updated Appearance

With the help of our different color-changing lighting options and different styles of coping stones, you can rebuild your pool. Spillover spa, slides, automated covers, etc. these cosmetic changes can surely change the appearance and might even make you feel like swimming in a whole new pool. Many water features such as waterfalls, grottos, rain walls, etc. can provide a brand new look to your pool.

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