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Residential Pool Service

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Residential Pool Service

Your swimming pool can provide the perfect backyard getaway for you and your family. Pools are not only a great place to relax and spend time together, but also a wonderful way to stay in shape and enjoy better health. LA Pool Group can help you enjoy your swimming pool even more with our residential pool service—we’ll take care of pool cleaning, pool maintenance, and even pool opening and closing so your swimming pool will be ready to use whenever you want it.

Residential Pool Services

  • Weekly maintenance package
  • Bi-Weekly maintenance package
  • Open / Close Package
  • Pool Opening Service
  • Pool Closing Service
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Hot Tub / Spa Service
  • Stone / Tile / Deck Sealing
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Your pool should be a clean, safe, and beautiful place to spend time with your family. When you work with a professional pool service to maintain your pool, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a picture-perfect pool without needing to dedicate your free time to pool care or cleaning. Proper pool care requires the right tools for the job. Your pool service will encompass everything that is needed to maintain your pool, including chemicals and tools, so you won’t have to purchase or store these items at your home.

Pool care involves more than simply maintaining the pH balance of the water and keeping it clean. Your pool service will also check for pool damage or leaks, as well as service the pool’s filter and plumbing equipment regularly so you can be sure that your pool is safe and problem-free at all times. Even simple pool maintenance takes time to complete properly, and maintenance must be performed diligently. When you hire a professional to handle your pool care, you can enjoy more free time in your own personal schedule.

Call LA Pool Group To Open & Close Your Pool

Closing and opening your pool correctly are vital to the quality and longevity of your pool.
Your pool professional will ensure that your pool is ready for winter or summer so you can rest assured that your investment is protected at all times.

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